This is what a transparent menu looks like

If you are ordering for an office of two or a company of two thousand, we understand the stress and anxiety of getting everyone lunch. No one likes surprise fees, and everyone likes more for less. We’ve all been there, trying to order food for a group and the advertisement says $10.95 per meal! Not a bad deal. But then, everyone wants something to drink, maybe a bag of chips or a cookie too. Come checkout time, you realize there are service and delivery fees. Suddenly $10.95 per person turned into $17.95.

Our box lunch pricing is all-inclusive, containing the cost of an entrée of your choice, a bag of chips or salad roll, a fresh fruit cup, bottled water, and a dessert! Many of these items are considered add-ons to other catering companies, and can cost you $18.37 elsewhere. At Ingallina’s we believe you deserve more for less, with our complete box lunch costing between $14.45-$14.95.
The Lemon Chicken Caesar Salad is our twist on a classic and one of our most requested box lunches. If you were to order Caesar Salad box lunches for staff meeting of four, at Ingallina’s in Seattle your total cost would be $65.78 including tax and with free delivery. Other popular catering services in the Seattle area can charge anywhere from $84.02 to $101.95 after taxes and delivery or service fees for four Caesar Salad box lunches.

In the Los Angeles area, you can get four delicious Lemon Chicken Caesar salad lunches from us for $59.80, whereas other caterers charge $75.80 and you don’t get fresh fruit with your meal.

When we create our menu and pricing, we always have transparency in mind. We have you in mind. There is nothing more frustrating than hidden fees when you have a budget and mouths to feed. We don’t believe an adequate meal should be considered an “add-on” experience. We are certainly proud to deliver our food to you with no extra fee, because when you are preparing for an important meeting or event, the last thing you need to worry about is picking up the food.

Never forget the priceless cost of excellent customer service. If you are planning a meeting, event, or need to order lunch for your team, check out our full selection at While our Lemon Chicken Caesar salad is a customer favorite, we offer a wide variety of sandwiches and salads and offer meals for dietary restrictions.

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I usually ordered for two or three people in the past. Recently I received an email which stated that the old minimum of two lunches no longer was available and there would be more cost to me. Based on that email I decided that I no longer wished to order because I hate to have to order more food than I need.

Hi Carol,

Thank you for your feedback! I’ve passed this message along to our office manager.

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