It’s almost back to school time!

With the end of summer comes the beginning of the school year. And we all know what the abrupt end to summer vacations means: meeting meetings meetings! It can be hard to get back in the swing of things after a long summer, but meetings don’t have to be long and boring. Providing attendees with some food to snack on is a good way to get them in the door and keep them engaged. Below are a few of our most popular items for corporate meetings.

Sandwich and Macaroni Combo: Our Sandwich and Macaroni Combo is one of our best valued meals, starting at just $7.08 per person. Depending on which size you choose, it serves anywhere from 10 to 18 people. This combo comes with a gourmet sandwich tray, a macaroni salad, and a box of our classic cookies. This is a great option for those who want an easy, simple lunch at an affordable price.

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers with Asian Noodle Salad: If you are looking for something a bit different, pair our Teriyaki Chicken Skewers with an Asian Noodle Salad. Our Teriyaki Chicken Skewers come marinated in teriyaki sauce and are served with a side of house-made peanut sauce. They are packed with flavor and go well with our Asian Noodle with Chicken Salad: marinated chicken breast tops vermicelli noodles on crisp greens with snow peas, cilantro, green onion and roasted cashews.

Light Snacks: Sometimes you don’t need a full meal. A light snack for an early afternoon meeting can be a nice way to keep people engaged. A Fruit Cheese and Cracker tray along with our Tortellini Skewers and a Hummus and Veggie Tray give your group a variety of protein, fruits and veggies to keep their focus and energy up.

Desserts: Most people would say if you could choose one item to provide, it would be dessert! Our classic cookies and brownies are made fresh daily and are absolutely delicious. We also offer seasonal desserts, such as our monthly goodie tray, tres leches cake, chocolate dipped strawberries, and our summer Fruit Tart. All these options are crowd pleasers, so try each one to find your favorite!

Platters to Impress: Sometimes the catering needs of our meetings go beyond feeding our employees. Sometimes we have guests that we need to impress. From lunch-and-learns to corporate executives, sometimes you need to go the extra mile. Our Deluxe Mini Croissant Sandwiches are made to do just that! Each platter comes with an assortment of our best sandwiches on freshly baked mini croissants. Includes: Roast Turkey Waldorf, Smoked Turkey & Havarti, and Tomato Mozzarella & Avocado. Just remember they are mini-sized, so order accordingly!

Back to school means back to business: Meetings may be in full swing, but it may take a little encouragement to get our minds there as well. Go to and order party platters for your next meeting to help your employees stay motivated and focused.

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